Environmental Research Laboratory


The mission of the environmental research laboratory is to research, develop practical, sustainable and cost effective solutions and systems to everyday environmental related issues using a multi-disciplinary approach in the sub-region and Africa as a whole. It is also to train and pass on knowledge to students in this field.


The outlined vision for the environmental research laboratory under SSSRI are:

• To design and implement scientific and engineering systems to solve water and waste treatment related issues in the sub region.

• To gather adequate and accurate spatial information for a sustainable water resource management in the sub-region.

• To use numerical modeling and satellite data to monitor air pollution and related issues in the sub-region.

• To develop an effective monitoring and evaluation system for environmental management in the sub-region (network of ground –based observation system).

• To research, design and develop innovative and sustainable systems to tackle solid waste environmental issues in the sub-region and Africa.

• To research and develop practical remediation methods and techniques for desolate and polluted lands in Africa with the aid of Geographical Information and remote sensing.

• Numerical modeling of the climate and impacts of the climate change in the sub-region.

• To use and Analyze Satellite data for environmental monitoring in the sub-region.

• To equip students with knowledge on occupational health and safety strategies and management skills.

Other laboratories


Research in various systems and technology applicable to space exploration.


Research in autonomous systems and application in robot acquiring knowledge

Satellite Systems

To research, design, and construct high performance educative Satellite Ground Station.