Robotics Research Laboratory


To focus on Perception and Kinematics of mobile robotics in space exploration and also to train students who are interested in gaining knowledge in programming and construction of mobile robotics.


The vision for robotic research laboratory under SSSRI is to research in autonomous systems and application in robot acquiring knowledge about its environment for space exploration and become the nerve center of excellence in robotic training and research for future space science projects.


The aim of the research laboratory is to develop mobile robot for space exploration mission and training to equip the students with both programming and construction skills. Among other things, the Robotic Research laboratory will research and introduce students to:

  • Programming mobile robots.
  • Applying measurement and geometry to calculate robot navigation.
  • Path planning using both geometry and multiple sensor feedback.
  • Interpreting sensor feedback/calculating threshold values/understanding conditional statements.
  • Systems and systems analysis.
  • Experimental process.
  • Documenting and explaining the results of their testing.
  • Practical use of Microcontrollers and Complex Programmable logic Devices.
  • Demonstrates specific techniques which have been widely accepted by the Microcontroller and CPLD community for creating and electrical hardware interface between discrete and integrated analog circuits and the Microcontroller and CPLD devices.

Current Research Areas

Our research areas for the laboratory are focused on improving perception for early warning and disaster management in the following research areas;

  • New sensors.
  • Selective attention mechanisms.
  • Gaze control and stabilization.
  • Improved eye-hand coordination.
  • Specialized hardware.
  • Foveal vision.

Future robotic research Projects

Other projects that will also engage us include but not limited to the following:

Evaluating, benchmarking and developing metrics in order to be more accurately characterized as a science, robotics needs more effective means for evaluating its experiments. Hence the laboratory will use advanced softwares for technical computing to improve upon robotic vision for space science exploration and earth observation to prevent hazards.

The laboratory will train individuals on prototypes of robots and the way to calibrate them using a line following mate. This will help to improve upon their knowledge on science and technology application.

Optimization of robot vision using AI for Space exploration and hazard prevention.

Other laboratories


Research in various systems and technology applicable to space exploration.


Research into cost effective solutions and systems to everyday environmental related issues

Satellite Systems

To research, design, and construct high performance educative Satellite Ground Station.

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