Satellite Systems Research Laboratory


To Increase the knowledge in Space Science Engineering by designing creative and innovative educative and scientific satellites and it’s supporting elements for students and the users of Space Science and its Related Technology.


    The outlined vision for the environmental research laboratory under SSSRI are:

  • To develop architecture and construct high performing Satellite Tracking Ground Station
  • To research, design, develop and construct high performance educational miniature satellites
  • To develop Nano-Satellite, its sub systems and payload for experiment using technology in the state of the art.
  • To generate the methodology for monitoring the manufacturing of satellite subsystems in order to strengthen the knowledge and development of improved techniques of integration, control quality and reliability
  • To develop interactive mechanism support by the use of internet and digital tools for disseminating information to create interactive education content to optimize the learning process.


To research, design, and construct high performance educative Satellite Ground Station, Small Satellite and its supporting elements that will enhance the fading and training process of high level human resources formation in the area of Space Science and Satellite technology.

Current Research Areas

  • Our research areas for the laboratory are;
  • Design, construction , and commissioning of a Satellite ground station
  • Establishing Satellite Ground Station which will be use in Tracking Satellite in Orbit for research purposes that will enhance both institutional and industrial activities in the sub-region.
  • Design, construction, testing and launching of a 10kg Nano-Satellite (CubeSat) for the monitoring of Cyanide spills into our water bodies from Mining industries.
  • Developing Ground Sensors for the purposes of Space Science Applications

Other laboratories


Research in various systems and technology applicable to space exploration.


Research into cost effective solutions and systems to everyday environmental related issues


Research in autonomous systems and application in robot acquiring knowledge